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F.A.Q. / Troubleshooting

Account and Log-in

Q: I forgot my username or password. Can you recover it for me?

A: An upcoming update for Star Trek Adversaries will allow for account recovery. For now, it is advised that you use the “Remember Me” feature so that the game automatically logins for you. Your password can be reset by clicking the “i” icon to the left of the registration button on the login screen. You will need your username and the answer to the secret question that you selected when opening the account.

Q: I get a Firewall Detected or Connection Timeout message on log-in. How can I solve that?

A: Verify your internet or data connection. Restarting your router may resolve the issue as well. In some rare cases, it may be necessary to open additional ports on your router. It is recommend to contact your ISP or our support channel if this is a reoccurring issue.


Port: 443

Protocol: TCP

Additionally, if you have an active firewall, check for AWS (Amazon web services). If this is currently being blocked, this will prevent log-in.

Q: My game froze mid-match and I don’t want to concede. What should I do?

A: Star Trek Adversaries has reconnect logic. Quit the application using the exit game function or close the app. Upon re-launching the game, you will be re-connected. In most cases, this will solve the issue and allow you to continue.

Q: Why is my username rejected on account creation?

A: Star Trek Adversaries currently requires usernames to only have the first letter capitalized and to have a 12 character limit. Additionally, a username may already be taken by a player or be denied by our profanity filter.

Deck Management

Q: Where is the deck I just made?

A: In Star Trek Adversaries, each flagship has unique abilities. When you make a deck, it is with the currently selected flagship. We allow up to 3 decks per flagship for a total of 72 decks! Please check the flagship you originally made the deck on.

Q: Can I use my deck on another flagship?

A: In the Deck Editor, you can use the built in Import/Export (copy & paste) functionality to copy a deck list to another flagship.

Q: Why can’t I add more copies of a card to my deck?

A: Star Trek Adversaries does not require you to collect duplicate cards, although you can collect duplicates. Once you have a copy of a card, you can can use the maximum allowed amount per deck:

Crew Cards: Allowed 1 of each card.

Ships (Basic and Common): Allowed 2 of each card.

Ships (Rare, Epic, and Legendary): Allowed 1 of each card.

Duplicates of a card you already own will begin to fill in the rarity stars at the bottom of the card. Once full, a card is considered “fully evolved” and will become animated. Any duplicates received after a card is “fully evolved” are automatically converted into latinum.


Q: The game is not available on my Google Play Store or App Store?

A: Star Trek Adversaries is currently not available in all territories and regions. Rest assured that we are working hard on localization and having proper server support for other countries. Although we can’t promise specific release dates, we will work to get new regions out as fast as possible. Feel free to contact us and let us know where you want the game released next.


Q: Why can’t I log into the game?

A: On Android 6.0 and lower, users may have trouble downloading additional files. If your game says “Gamesparks Preview” in the lower left corner, additional files may not be properly installed. Additionally, please check the installation size, which should be over 350MB. If the game is over 350MB, try restarting your device. If the game is significantly lower, assure that storage permissions are enabled and launch the game. If you still continue to have issues, try reinstalling the game from Google Play.

If any of the tips above do not work, please contact us via the following support form and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.